Natural Disaster Service

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Natural Disaster Service

Not only does Jacobson Construction cover your regular construction jobs, but we also work with clients who need a job done after a natural disaster has struck.

We know firsthand about the pressures that one will face when it comes to insurance policies and emergency damage repair to your home or business, especially after a disaster has happened.

Jacobson Construction has also been involved with the reinstatement of properties that were hit during a severe storm, fire or other natural disasters.
These include:

  • Central Queensland Flood 2013
  • Cyclone Yasi in Far North Queensland 2011
  • The Melbourne Hailstorm 2010
  • The Perth Hailstorm 2010
  • The Canberra Hailstorm 2007
  • Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney Storms 2007
  • The Lismore Hailstorm 2007
  • The Blacktown Storm 2007
  • Central Coast Storms during 2005, 2006, and 2007
  • Cyclone Larry in Innisfail Far North Queensland 2006
  • The Sydney Storm 2005

When it comes to a natural disaster taking place, people need help and they need it fast. Whether their home or their business has been hit, it’s extremely important for everything to be sorted out quickly. This is why Jacobson Construction provides natural disaster responses, such as;

  • Tradespeople and supervisors to immediately dispatch to the area where the disaster struck.
  • Repairs that act as an emergency “Make Safe” for your property to habitable and secure.
  • Emergency works for the purpose of making the property safe from further damage.
  • The scope of work preparation.
  • Comprehensive repairs.
  • Maintaining close contact with building consultants, loss assessors, and insurers.

Contact us today to discuss improvements to your building to safeguard against damage in a natural disaster.

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